Design is Fun.



I work hard to create livable and beautiful spaces that are accompaniments to  memorable people and their families: Design is Fun.


Let's work together to create rooms that reflect your life as it is now and as you would like it to be.



"I prefer an ugly, personal room to one that is just cold and correct - a mausoleum done by a decorator." - Billy Baldwin


A Family Home Gets a Makeover


When I first walked into this home it was dark and crowded with furniture, tchotchkes and memories. It was my client's family home and it was time to lighten things up for them both physically and emotionally.  I love this remodel - for some dramatic before photo's and more information on the project please check out my blog post about it!



Creating a calm, yet interesting backdrop for living.


This kitchen was so fun to transform!  When I came into the picture it was a fairly typical 1990's renovated kitchen with blonde cabinets and sage green accents.  We sold the cabinets through a great Greencycling service and set about creating some kitchen magic with light colors, leathered granite and whitewash.  For before photo's and more information check out my blog post!



Lighten up!


What a lovely family room this was to work on!  The clients are young and stylish with small children and large (ish) birds.    They wanted a cosy, colorful room to relax in at the end of the day as a family.  For before photo's and more about this home check out this blog post!



Drawing helps myself and my clients visualize the design.


I use sketches as another form of communication with my clients, craftspeople and builders.  It's a great way to show I what I mean when I say "built-in" (for example), and it opens up a deeper level of  dialogue for my client and myself about how they are going to use their environment.  It's also a great tool to hammer out the details.